Pathfinder Civilization

The Minotaur Path

The heroes bought horses to aid them in their travels and left Ninevah for the island of Crete to meet their next opponent. This upcoming battle has more meaning to Legolinus after a magical sending reveals his brother as one of the next sacrifices to the Minotaur. Will the heroes be able to defeat the Minotaur and save Legolinus’ brother?

On their journey westward they encountered earth elementals and ogres blocking their path, but managed to subdue them. It was a difficult challenge without the power of healing and Volask was nearly defeated in the battles as well. After stopping to rest a couple days, they head onward toward the Mediterranean.

The heroes board a ship to Greece, but the ship is attacked at night by a group of Sahuagin. Luckily, the heroes were on night watch and disposed of them. Making it into port, they come across the group being sent as the sacrifice including Legolinus’ brother. With a goblin who joined the cause while on the ship, they exchange places and become the sacrifice to the Minotaur instead.

Arriving at the fortress of Gnossis, the king of Crete mocked the heroes and sent them into the labyrinth to meet their end. After traveling through the maze, they reached their goal: the Minotaur. After a fierce battle, Legolinus struck the final blow that put an end to the Minotaur and the sacrifices his people had been making for years.

A Beginning

The heroes took a job as bodyguard for a trading company, where they defeated a group of kobold sorcerers who were terrorizing the trade route. Along the way, they came across a horrible scene of black smoke where a battle had occurred minutes earlier. They encountered an old man who had been beaten to near death and a human and two halflings who looked to be tainted by evil about to put the final blow on the old man. After defeating the villians and throwing their dying bodies into the fire, the old man had just enough strength to give them a scroll and a new mission.

The new mission is to save the Champion of Heaven from his entrapment. In order to do this, the party needs to gather items to unlock the magic trapping this champion.

  • The Greataxe from the Minotaur of Crete
  • The Ring of Escape from the Chimera of the Alps
  • The Orb of Awakening from the pyramid of Amenophis
  • The Amulet of Spellbraking from the Lion-faced Humbaba in the city of Ur
  • The Armor of Heaven from the Frost Giant Jarl in the Northern Mountains
  • The Golem held by the Orc Marauders

By inserting the items on the Golem’s body, the spell will be broken and the Champion will be released.

The heroes decide to finish the task they started and protected the wagon from a Giant Scorpion. They were then approached by 2 imps trying to get the scroll back for their master. The imps were defeated, but the heroes weren’t familiar with the forces of hell and don’t know the dangers awaiting them. Finally, they approached an oasis to restock water, when they heard news of a dragon who claimed the waterhole as its own. Upon reaching it, they found it was a river drake instead of a true dragon and dispached the menace. Upon refilling with water, they went on their last leg of the journey.

Seeing the town of Ninevah on the horizon, their last task was to cross a bridge over a fork of the Tigris river. While crossing, they were ambushed by a pair of river crocodiles. They were able to defeat them and sold one to the town, who were happy because the meat and hide could be used for many things in the town. They were given a bonus by the trading company for the dangerous journey and after spending the night in the White Cow inn, departed for their next adventure.

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