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Pathfinder Civilization takes the ancient civilizations of the world and recreates it using Pathfinder rules and monsters. Each empire of ancient Earth is given a race as the rulers of that empire. The deities of the world are a mixture of mythologies with each race naming the god with their own name. All the deities are equivalent throughout the world, but with different names in each region. Arcane magic is heavily controlled by the various empires for its ability to cause distruction. All spellcasters are required to register in order to use magic in that empire. All non-registered Arcane spellcasters that use magic are treated as demons and many are burned to death in public displays. Divine magic is more accepted, but is controlled by the churches instead of the government. Clergy of the church have a lot of power in the governments, and high level clerics are sometimes treated as being just below the level of kings representing their closeness to the gods.

World Creation

In the beginning, there was nothing but void and a supreme god. In order to fill the world, the god broke the symmetry of the void causing both light and darkness to emerge from the nothingness in a massive explosion. When light and dark separated, the good of the world was drawn to the light while the evil was drawn to the dark. In the process of this separation, another split was caused forming a rift between law and chaos. Also during this process, the major deities were formed taking in the energy from the exploding world into their own being. These gods manipulated the light, dark, law, and chaos and created the other elements of the world: fire, water, earth, air and created planes of existence for them to live on. Having no one to worship them and give them power, they joined forces to create a plane for such beings to exist. After creating the oceans, land, and wildlife, there were arguments on what the intelligent creatures of the material plane should look like. In the end, most gods agreed on a humanoid; however, the ancient dragons would not compromise. The ancient dragons were stripped of their divinity and forced to live on the material plane with the other lesser creatures. Just before losing their powers, they managed to create kobolds in their image to get back at the gods. This also caused a split in arcane and divine magic, with arcane magic formed from dragonkind and divine magic from the gods. After the material plane was created, the god of death went behind the backs of the other gods and created his own race, the gnolls. The god of death was banished to the underworld, where he awaits the souls of the dead humanoids on the material plane.

As the humanoids explored their new world, they started changing due to the environments they were living on. The dwarves living in the cold north grew more hair and became hardy in nature, the gnomes living near the desert also became hardy and stunted their growth to hide from attacks by the gnolls and hobgoblins, the elves made ships and practiced arcane magic causing them to become frailer, the halflings were constantly attacked by the orcs and remained small to hide, the orcs were nomadic and reverted back to a more primal nature, and humans enjoyed being in a neutral area, remaining the same in exchange for a shorter life span. The goblins are a subrace of hobgoblins, who are a tribal race in Africa. Some time in the ancient past, the gnomes kidnapped numerous hobgoblin children and used them as slaves to build their monuments and structures. The weight of the chains and equipment forced on them stunted their growth and eventually created a new subrace.

There were wars fought between the races for territory and power, but a treaty was signed giving the world peace and dividing the world into empires. This occurred 1000 years ago, but the peace won’t last. About 60 years ago, the races were once again hungry for more power. Also the nomadic races like the orcs, gnolls, hobgoblins, and kobolds found a source of power and have started taking territory and precious supplies from the other races. In the middle of this turmoil and world seeming to head toward another dark chapter filled with war, disease, and famine, the adventures start their journey…

General game information

  • The class gunslinger is not allowed. There are no firearms or guns available in the ancient world.
  • Starting stats are 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10. We will begin at level 3.
  • Come with a background of why your character started adventuring and how they got to where they are.
  • The starting city for the adventure is Tyre, a port trading city for the Assyrian (Halfling) Kingdom.


Humans are the leaders of the Roman empire including Italy, Spain, and Western France. They are the only empire that uses a counsel of elected officials to govern their lands. They have highly trained armies and control the largest empire in the current world. The capital city of Rome is the largest city in the world and holds the largest churches as well as the second largest college for the study of acane magic. They are a very diverse race and are suited to any class as well as any alignment.


The Elves are the leaders of the Greek empire. They have taken a great interest in all forms of magic, and the city of Athens has the largest college of arcane magic in the world. They enjoy using magic to accentuate their arts and music, which is the focal point of their culture. They tend toward chaos and individuality, which they express through the arts. The most common classes are Wizard, Bard, and Ranger, but there is no class unheard of.


The Dwarves are the leaders of the Germanic/Scandinavian empire. It is a combination of Norse and Celtic cultures from Scandinavia, the British Isles, and northeast Europe. They are the farthest from Egypt in the world, and have the least appreciation for arcane magic. There is a very strong warrior tradition including Paladins and Fighters as well as deep respect for divine magic. There is also a large number of Druids in the northern forests and it is believed the first Druids came from these woods. They tend more toward law and most stay away from arcane classes.


The Gnomes are the leaders of the Egyptian empire. They enslaved the goblins to build their temples to the gods and other structures. The Elves threatened to cut off trade, so they released the goblins from captivity about 1000 years ago. The gnomes were also the first race to have contact with dragons. This was when magic was first learned and used by the humanoid races. This is why all gnomes are born with spell-like abilities, since they were to first exposed to it.


The Orcs are marauding conquerers of the Mongul empire. They follow the gods of war and death to take what they want by force. Those in the groups of raiders tend to be chaotic evil, while small nomadic families tend to be more neutral. Most take up the class of Barbarian or Fighter, but a few find the extra damage caused by arcane magic very appealing. Some talk of them eating their enemies, but most often they take them as slaves or kill everyone including women and children. They are famous for their mounted combat.


The Halflings are leaders of the Kingdom of Assyria. There are many nomads and travelers among them, but they also have a large number of farmers growing crops on the fertile lands called the fertile triangle. They have no real preference of law or chaos and tend toward classes that enhance their stealth or make up for their small stature. Many take the trade of Rogue and Ranger, while others use arcane magic like Wizard.


The Goblins were once enslaved by the Gnomes to aid in building their cities. They would be equivalent to the Hebrew or Jews in history. They are not considered evil, but they bear many hatreds for being used throughout history. They can be found as vendors in a variety of different cities, but they are not trusted and many feel they only deal in black market items, even if that isn’t true. There are many goblins that also live on the edges of cities or join hobgoblin tribes and steal from others to survive. They have the best relationship with Elves over anyone else, due to their part in aiding their freedom.

Half Races

Half-elves are almost as common as humans, due to the large amount of interbreeding between humans and elves. Those who cannot find a place among humans or elves wander the world in an attempt to discover who they are. There are no tendencies between alignment or class, but those living among humans or elves will conform to that culture.

Half-orcs are rare in the world, as those born to human women are often killed at birth and those born in Orc camps are killed or used as slaves. A few have survived and live the life of wanderers. They tend toward chaos and classes of Barbarian, Fighter, and Rogue. They are the most untrusting race, but also believe that feelings are mutual.


Gnolls are hyena-like creatures believed to have started as spawn of the Egyptian god Anubis. They are found mostly in Egypt, but have a few smaller groups elsewhere in the world. They are almost always evil and like carrying the favored weapon of Anubis, the Falcion. They tend to be melee classes and prefer the flesh of intelligent beings.


Kobolds were the creation of the acient dragons in their image. Twisted by the illusion of being dragons themselves, they use their arcane powers to take everything from the races around them. They originated in China, but have moved to cause havok all over the world.


The list of deities is in order of: Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, Mesopotamian. All deities have the same domains and statistics, but different names depending on the region.

  • Ares, Mars, Tyr, Monthu, Anu: The god of war, NE
    -Domains: War, Strength, Destruction, Evil. Favored weapon: Greatsword.
  • Aphrodite, Venus, Sjofn, Hathor, Ishtar: The goddess of love and beauty, CG
    -Domains: Charm, Good, Chaos, Liberation. Favored weapon: Dagger.
  • Apollo, Apollo, Heimdall, Bat, Enlil: The god of music, poetry, and knowledge, NG
    -Domains: Community, Good, Knowledge, Travel. Favored weapon: Spear(any).
  • Artemis, Diana, Beyla, Apis, Dagan: The god of Nature, N
    -Domains: Air, Animal, Plant, Water, Weather. Favored weapon: Scimitar.
  • Athena, Minerva, Forseti, Atum, Ea: The goddess of wisdom and crafts, LN
    -Domains: Artifice, Knowledge, Law, Rune. Favored weapon: Pick(heavy or light).
  • Demeter, Ceres, Freyr, Geb, Tammuz: The god of earth and agriculture, N
    -Domains: Community, Earth, Plant, Weather. Favored weapon: Longbow.
  • Dionysus, Bacchus, Lofn, Qetesh, Bel: The god of wine and ecstasy, CN
    -Domains: Chaos, Charm, Liberation, Water. Favored weapon: Shortsword.
  • Hephaestus, Vulcan, Baldr, Sopdu, Nisroch: The god of fire and metalworking, LN
    -Domains: Artifice, Fire, Glory, Law. Favored weapon: Longsword.
  • Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Amun, Marduk: The god of law, air and thunder, LG
    -Domains: Air, Good, Law, Strength. Favored weapon: Warhammer.
  • Hera, Juno, Frigg, Isis, Ninurta: The goddess of healing, women, and birth, NG
    -Domains: Good, Healing, Luck, Protection. Favored weapon: Mace(light or heavy).
  • Poseidon, Neptune, Vili, Nun, Tiamat: The god of the sea and earthquakes, LE
    -Domains: Destruction, Evil, Law, Water, Weather. Favored weapon: Trident.
  • Hermes, Mercury, Odin, Khonsu, Adad: The god of travel and commerce, CN
    -Domains: Chaos, Liberation, Luck, Travel. Favored weapon: Rapier.
  • Hades, Orcus, Hel, Anubis, Nergal: The god of death, CE
    -Domains: Chaos, Death, Destuction, Evil. Favored weapon: Falcion.
  • Helios, Sol, Sunna, Ra, Shamash: The god of the sun and light, LG
    -Domains: Fire, Glory, Good, Law, Sun. Favored weapon: Glaive.
  • Selene, Luna, Nott, Bastet, Sin: The goddess of the moon and night, CG
    -Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Good, Healing. Favored weapon: Morningstar.
  • Hestia, Vesta, Loki, Heka, Ashur: The god of magic, N
    -Domains: Destruction, Magic, Protection, Rune. Favored weapon: Quarterstaff.

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